How to find & choose the best remodeling contractor | What to expect

We are frequently asked questions about the remodeling process, including everything from, “How do I know who to find the best remodeling contractor?” to “How to I go about finding a remodeling contractor in the first place!?” To help answer a few of these questions, and to provide a guide for prospective home remodelers, we are going to spend some time on our blog in the next few weeks explaining what to expect during your remodeling project. We will begin today by answering the first question mentioned above, “How do I know who to work with?”
In a world in which matchmaking is done online, breakups are communicated through text messages and a relationship status is dictated by a Facebook setting, finding a genuine trust and agreement between people can be difficult. That is why the process of finding a professional remodeler is as crucial as the first hammered nail or uprooted floorboard. Just as you wouldn’t choose a significant other based purely on looks, picking a remodeler simply because they are cheapest would be equally as foolish. At Excel Builders, we value our customer relationships. We are both working towards the same goal – to complete a stress-free, efficient remodeling project.
Just like any good relationship, it all starts with the perfect match. Not every remodeler is going to be right for every client. Like anything else done well in life, finding the right professional takes time and effort. Do your research. Outline the pros and cons of every option and factor in the intangibles that numbers cannot communicate. Visit with the company to determine if they listen to you –not just hear you. Get a feel for whether these people are a good fit attitude-wise and in the way they go about their business. We’re not suggesting that your remodelers become your best friends, fixtures at family gatherings or regular dinner guests. However, when undergoing a remodeling project that could take months to complete, it bears reminding that these are the individuals you are trusting in your home and with your money.
So let’s take a brief look at your options:
“One-man band”: The one-man operation will cost less, but generally offer very limited services. One person does most, if not all of the work.
Midsized remodeling firm (Excel Builders): The mid-size company usually works on 3-4 remodeling projects at one time. The mid-size company has several resources to accommodate the remodeling needs for all clients. They are big enough that they can complete the entire remodeling project from design to finished product, yet small enough to cater to each client’s specific needs.
Large remodeling firms: Clients may get lost in the shuffle and become more of a number. Larger firms also tend to have more staff turnover, high overhead costs, and impersonal relationships with their clients. This can increase stress and anxiety levels during the remodeling project.
There is no perfect formula to finding the right professional remodeler. However, you should find a company with a proven track record. Find a remodeler you can communicate with and trust. We recognize that Excel Builders may not fit what you want for a specific project, and that is okay. We want you to make a wise, informed decision that you are comfortable with and hope that leads you to Excel Builders!