Importance of Design in Your Remodel

Designing Your Project
As an interior designer, I see the need for design. I see this because most people want to change their space, and more importantly they want to how much their remodel will cost. I want to discuss how to manage your expectations, so I have asked Trent if I could write this week’s blog.

If you are planning or even thinking about a remodel in your home think about how crucial design is to maximize your investment. Design is critical to all types of remodeling, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or basement; not just bigger remodels like additions or new construction.

To start, I am going to focus on a design perspective and different types of design drawing, cost and what you can expect.

As an interior designer, I am meeting with several new potential clients weekly. Most of these homeowners are seeking the best remodeling company to work with, at the best price for the cost of the remodel. Thus, why most people meet with several companies prior to selecting the company the want to work with.

It can be difficult to accommodate all of the clients’ expectations up front, especially before a design has been completed. I say this because most people want a quote or a free estimate to do a remodel before they have a completed design. This is a big topic, that Trent puts in his blogs…it is nearly impossible to know what a major remodel is going to cost without a design and a drawing!

First of all, as a passionate interior designer with many years of experience, I do work for the love of design, not just a paycheck. That being said, I cannot and will not work for free, not even for my own family. This is because, design is very complex and time consuming.

Moving on to the reason you should invest in design for your remodel. You need to see what you are getting for your remodel.

Some designers, contractors, and design- build companies will have phases or levels of design. This might be only line drawings for a non-refundable flat fee, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. A line drawing could be looked at as a more a spatial orientation. In my opinion, this is not enough to see what the adjacent spaces will reflect and feel.
I do not disagree with this cost for the drawings, it is a valuable part of your investment. I believe in taking this one step further. 3D renderings, that’s right. 3D renderings will help you visualize your finished remodel in a photo realistic view.
At Excel Builders, in addition to the line drawings, we personally put a lot of time and focus on 3D renderings for our clients. This is a time-consuming process. In the end it is worth it.
Design cost is another hot topic that I would like to address. Your options will vary greatly, two most basic options are hourly, or a flat fee. When paying for design services hourly you will not know the total cost until the designing of the project is done.
Hourly design services will have a wide range of hourly cost. I like a flat fee, this is where you pay for design based on a scope of work. Our fee ranges from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 per project.
Truly, in the end this fee is about 2% of your project cost.  This 2% is a great investment to make sure your MN remodeling project is a success.
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