Kitchen Remodeling Projects

As a Design and Build Company, our primary focus is remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and whole home remodels. Today I want to discuss some of our past kitchen projects we have completed.

One of our projects, was this Chaska kitchen remodel. The design focus originally was to keep the appliances in the same location and expand the kitchen with additional cabinetry, by removing a wall. We did end up moving the appliances slightly, without having a substantial impact on their budget.

To accomplish the goals of our client, we removed an interior non-load bearing wall separating the kitchen from the dining room. We then closed off a closet in the front entryway and opened up this space in the wall into the kitchen. This space was used for a new location for the refrigerator.
In the end we did move the range, microwave, refrigerator, and left the sink and dishwasher in same location.
Review the before picture and after picture of this load bearing wall.
Review the pictures of wall before closing the closet off and after the fridge was moved.
By the removing the wall, we knew the planning stages we would have some hardwood flooring repair. Our clients were given two options install new flooring in the kitchen and dining room or install a threshold where the wall was removed. To work in a budget the decision was to install a threshold and finish to match the existing flooring.
Custom frame-less cabinets were designed to give maximum storage.
For the countertops we were lucky to try a brand-new stone material (at a very discounted cost) that was just being released at that time. The material is called Dekton, which is made of porcelain, and unlike quartz can withstand heat, while having the same stain resistant properties. This stone now retails at $150.00 a square foot installed.
The ceilings in the home were popcorn finish. By removing the load bearing the ceiling was going to need to be repaired. This gave our clients the perfect opportunity to remove the popcorn and finish with a knockdown finish.
For this kitchen remodel our clients discussed their budget with us, their needs, and wants. From there we started the design process. Designing is a very crucial step of the remodeling process. Starting with a plan makes the entire project go smoother.

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