Would you like to have a price guarantee when starting a remodel? If your answer is yes, we are in agreement with you. We are excited to announce that Excel Builders now offers a price guarantee! Our price guarantee was implemented to give you, our client, the assurance that we have accounted for all aspects of your remodeling project in regards to labor and construction materials.
You have probably heard the stories where somebody starts a remodel and the budget goes out of control. They were bombarded with change orders and additional expenses that were not accounted for during the proposal/planning stage. This is exactly why we decided to offer the price guarantee – so you can be confident during the entire remodel that the cost you initially were quoted will not change.
At Excel Builders we are the professionals, and our clients hire us for this reason. Our goal has always been to complete your project on time, on budget, and with the quality you deserve. Our experience completing remodels helps us know what we are going to find when we start your project. We know the work that needs to be completed and the costs required to bring your home up to current building standards before we start. In some cases, we do find something we did not plan for or maybe something we may have forgotten. Do not worry – we take care of these situations at the same price. This cost is not passed along to you as our client. This is our price guarantee!
We are confident in our professional ability to provide you with a complete proposal prior to starting the remodeling project. Part of our job is to give you all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about your remodeling project. We account for all remodeling expenses upfront and do not burden our clients with additional charges after the contract is signed. We have operated this way since we started our business. We just took it one step further, and put this business practice in writing!
With all of this said, there are some items that are not covered. Below, we explain the details of the price guarantee. Click here to see a sample of our price guarantee




Click here to see the actual Price Guarantee Addendum for the complete terms and conditions.