Product Spotlight: Step Warmfloors

In our last post, we discussed one of our favorite products – Marvin Windows and Doors.  Today, we would like to share with you another one of our favorite brands – Step Warmfloors, the manufacturer behind our favorite floor heating system!  We love heated floors and recommend that our clients consider this amenity as part of any home improvement project.
Step Warmfloor has a variety of products; the most common product for us is Step Residential.  Step Residential is a 12-inch wide radiant heating element, designed to provide healthy, even and comfortable warmth in a home.  This element is ideal for both new construction and renovation.  Step Residential can be used as primary or supplementary heating and can be installed under most floor coverings, including tile, stone, wood, laminate and carpet.  Step Residential is essential for taking away the chill of cold floors and can be used for very small to large areas, for even heat distribution.
Another reason we love Step Warmfloor – the floor’s radiant heating element is self-regulating!  This means that when the ambient temperature of the room increases, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases.  If the ambient temperature of the room decreases, the electrical resistance decreases and the electrical consumption increases to heat the room.  As a result Step Warmfloor maintains a continuous and even temperature.  This is more efficient than an on-and-off heating system. The self-regulating elements act as a floor sensor, supplying more wattage when cold and less wattage as they warm up.
On the flip side, Step Warmfloor cannot overheat.  When the element becomes warmer the morphology of the polymer structure changes and the particles separate reducing the points of contact between each other.  As the electrical resistance increases the current flow is proportionally restricted.
Last but certainly not least, the use of Step Warmfloor radiant heating elements eliminates the need for a forced air furnace, which in turn eliminates dust and particles from blowing through your home.
As you can see the benefits of using Step Warmfloors are plentiful!  And who can resist the sensation of stepping out of bed in the morning or your bathtub at night and onto a perfectly warmed floor?  If you are ready to install Step Warmfloors into your home, contact us at Excel Builders to get your project underway!