Remodel Design Truths

Trent is out of town this week, so that leaves this week’s blog in my hands.
I want to share some with you and like it or not, I am going to give it to you straight. Hopefully you like it!
Design Truth # 1
Sometimes you simply cannot have it all, when it comes to your remodeling project. Or all at once. Trust me this is a very hard concept for me as a designer. I want to help everyone with all types of budgets, achieve their dream home…but what I am learning, is that I am sacrificing my personal valuable time to give our clients more bang for their buck. Most people do not know how much work goes on behind the scenes of a design, a remodel, or a change of plans. It does get out of hand with quickly, and we call this “scope creep”. Is my case, we do not charge extra design time. But now we are consciously restructuring that because, frankly, there is a lot of extra work that goes into the extras, especially if it is the good old, “we want to add more and pay less” mentality. But the truth is, it takes a generous amount of time to find original ideas, ideas that will fit, or work for less money as well as comparable product of quality. Then it falls to rescheduling, orders, delivery changes, configuring credits, and change orders.
What I am describing does start as early as the beginning stages with big expectations and unrealistic budgets. Hear me out, I love all of our clients, but at times y’all can be like bride zillas! My advice is to stick to your budget or make sacrifices that create value like paying more for design help, selecting better quality products or adjusting your budget.
Design Truth #2
Not all plumbing fixtures are created equal. Example, there are two types of plumbing fixtures available, with the same brand and same style out there that are in fact not the same. They call those “B” parts, and those parts are made of cheap plastic that you can find at local big box stores. You may also ask, “why I should buy the more expensive?”. Bottom line, better quality, and better warranty. Don’t forget there is also time and money that also goes into these products for selection, handling, delivery, and install.
Design Truth #3
Doing your own painting to save money. This does come up in almost every project, so I am not saying we do not allow this, however, I am giving my professional opinion here. I do not think you should paint your own home…because frankly, 9 out of 10 times, it looks subpar to what a really great painter can do. Especially when it comes to millwork, or wood work, and honestly, the painting is the most affordable portion of your project, so let the pros handle it!

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