Top Four Tiles to Love

Using tiles to finish a space is a great way to showcase the style of the family and to give it that extra splash of color the space is looking for. The best part about using tiles is you can use them in almost every space of your home.
The first tile we are crazy about this month is this iridescent blue mosaic tiles. Using these tiles gives this shower to the left a oceanic spa feel. This is great to use for a shower and/or a backsplash in a kitchen because it is easy to clean and it hides dirt.
Stainless steel tile are second on the list. Taking 2×4 stainless steel tiles as a backsplash will give any kitchen an updated industrial feel. Using a brick joint pattern would give more of a softer feel.
Who says white is boring? White 2×4 tiles in a brick joint pattern would give a backsplash or bathroom a clean crisp traditional yet modern feel. White is always a great choice and it never goes out of style.
It is never too late to add some slate to your design. The look of slate is wonderful because it gives any space a natural yet modern look. Choosing a 12×12 tile in a kitchen or entry way would be a great way to bring the outdoors in while maintaining that updated classy look you are going for in your new space.
Using tile is a great way to give any room a completely new look. Go to our gallery to view more ideas on how we used different tile designs through our renovations.