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Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles | Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeler

Kitchen cabinet doors come in more styles than ever.  Kitchen CabinetsWhether you want modern and sleek or traditional and ornate, there is a door that will fit the style of your new kitchen.

For the most part, kitchen cabinet doors can be broken down into flat panel and raised panel looks.  Within those two main categories there are an array of variations -- different shapes, cuts, patterns, inlays, and textures make up the style of the cabinet door.

Here are a few definitions of popular cabinet door styles within the flat and raised panel categories that will help you understand the choices:

1. Flat Panel
Flat panel cabinets begin with a single base of wood and remain that way or are built up. They can be completely flat, as in the Slab style listed below, or have pieces built onto them, as in the Shaker style.

Some flat panel kitchen cabinet doors include:

  • Slab – Slab style cabinets are plain and geometric: 90 degree angles (or slightly rounded) on all edges, with no embellishments.  A slab style cabinet can convey a sleek, modern-Euro look.
  • Shaker - One of the most popular styles of flat panel cabinet doors, Shaker-style doors start as a slab and then a "picture frame" is added around the perimeter.  Variations on the Shaker door are also common, including the Beaded Shaker, featuring beadboard within the frame.  The Side-by-Side Shaker (also referred to as the Mullion style), is another variation that includes a vertical strip of wood down the middle, giving it more of a panel effect, reminiscent of a double-hung window.

2. Raised Panel
Raised panel cabinets are made of an outer frame and an inner panel, both on the same plane. The distinctive grooving is artistically routed into the wood.  Raised panel doors tend to be the most structurally sound of all doors and are a bit more traditional in look.

Here are some styles of raised panel cabinet doors:

  • Arched - The most popular type of raised panel door is the Arched cabinet door, also called an Eyebrow Panel because of its curved arch effect with an inner groove.  An Arched door can be created as either a raised or flat panel door.
  • Cathedral – This variation on the Arched door is more dramatic.  In the Cathedral door, the groove flattens out as it reaches its two end points.  The arch can either be at the top or both the top and bottom of the cabinet door.
  • Accent – An Accent cabinet door is one that involves any type of material other than wood.  Usually there is an accent panel, such as frosted glass, set within the outer perimeter of the cabinet, to add visual effect and interest.

The door style is simply the first decision amongst others, such as the wood species of the cabinetry, the stain or paint color you choose, and the hardware to accent your new kitchen cabinets.  When you find the right combination you’ll fall in love with kitchen cabinetry that will be the perfect fit for your remodeled kitchen!

Contact us today if you’re beginning the process of planning your Minneapolis, Twin Cities, or West Metro, MN kitchen remodel!  We’d be happy to discuss kitchen cabinetry and other kitchen remodel plans.

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