3 Steps to Finding the Right Remodeling Company

Starting a remodel is so exciting, you’ve been searching through home magazines and Houzz.com to get inspiration for the changes that you are going to be making. However, before you are deciding on cabinetry, flooring, or countertop, the first decision that you need to make is a choose your contractor.
Your remodeling contractor will be your guide throughout the remodel. He or she will ensure that all of the work is being done properly and on schedule. When you are not working with the best contractor or remodeling company, a project that should only take a few months could take much longer and you may not be satisfied with the final results. It is better to take some time vetting numerous contractors before you agree on one.

1. Do Your Research

Do an online search for local contractors. Make sure that you find some contractors that have experience with the type of project that you are considering. If they have a gallery of some of their past projects, see if you like the work that they do. Does everything look the same, or is all of their work completely custom?
Make sure you know what type of remodeling company they are. Are they a design-build firm, or are they just a building firm? If they just do building, you should look into getting an architect or designer as well as a contractor. If they are a design-build firm, they should have experienced designers that know how to work with the build team to create the perfect design for your home.

2. Get Some Testimonials

Often times, you are going to be working with a remodeling company for months at a time. If you are going to be spending all that time with them, you need to make sure that they are easy to work with as well. The best way to do this is to hear what others say about them. If any of your friends have worked with any of the contractors that you are considering, ask them about their experience. You may want to go to Google+ and read some testimonials from their previous clients. You want to find a contractor that respects you, your family, and your ideas.

3. Schedule Some Consultations

Once you have narrowed it down to a few contractors, it may be time to meet them. A consultation will give you a chance to meet your contractor and get a feel for him or her. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with one another. These meetings give you a chance to explain the amount of work that needs to be done. It will also give your prospective contractors your plans for your timeline and budget for remodel.
Remodels can be stressful at times, and having a quality remodeling company at your side will help make the entire process go so much smoother. Make sure that you find a remodeler that you know does quality work and is very easy to work with.