Cedar Vs. Green Treated Decks

A few weeks ago we compared cedar and composite decking options.  This week we wanted to take a moment to stack cedar up against another popular option – green treated decks!

Aesthetic: Cedar has a beautiful natural aesthetic and a distinct grain.  When left untreated, cedar fades to a soft gray. When treated with stain, the rich reddish hue of cedar can be preserved for an even more attractive result.
Maintenance: To retain the natural color of cedar decks, you must clean and reseal them every other year.
Durability: Cedar is naturally resistant to damage caused by rain, direct sunlight, and termites.  In general cedar decking tends to stay straight and will like flat over the life of the deck.  Thus, most cedar decks have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years; however, this can be shorter for lower-level decks or those under shaded overhangs that make them slow to dry out. Cedar is also soft – meaning that furniture being dragged around the deck could result in scratches and other surface damage.
Bottom Line: Cedar decks are perfect for homeowners willing to put in a little more maintenance or those concerned with a beautiful and natural deck appearance.
Aesthetic: Green treated decking is known for its sustainability and cost efficiency – not its amazing aesthetic.  While it may look fine at installation, it will never compare to the natural beauty of other decking options.
Maintenance: Like cedar decks, it is recommended that green treated decks be cleaned and resealed every other year to help maintain their aesthetic.
Durability: Green treated lumber is known for having a long and useful lifespan.  As such treated decks can typically be expected to last up to 40 years.  Unfortunately green treated decks tend to be full of moisture and, as a result, they will shrink unevenly and twist while drying.  So, while your deck may last for quite some time, it might not look great doing so.
Bottom Line: Green treated decks can cost over fifteen-percent less than the average cedar deck.  They also have a great lifespan.  With that in mind if cost efficiency and sustainability are your prime concerns, a green treated deck may be the perfect fit for you.  However, keep in mind that the deck’s durability and maintaining the deck’s aesthetics may prove challenging.
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