Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home | Home Paint Trends

This year, we have had the pleasure of working on a variety of home remodeling projects.  However, one thing has continually struck us as we have worked with homeowners – paint can make or break a room!  With that in mind, we wanted to help you choose the right colors for your home based on the most popular home paint trends:

Glamorous Gold: Shades of gold are proving popular in 2012 – particularly in bedrooms, kitchens, and other group gathering rooms. From mustard yellow and marigold to variances of sunflower, this bright hue will serve as the shaping element for many 2012 – 2013 rooms.
Gorgeous Grays: After gold, tones of gray have been one of the most popular color palettes in 2012. Great for creating a clean, spa-like feel, gray makes the perfect bathroom base color.  Today gray is also being treated more and more like a neutral and being used as a flat foundation color upon which to place pops of bright and bold accents.

Cool Colors: Cool colors – blues and greens – are great for small spaces.  They can make walls appear to recede and a small space seem larger.  These calming colors are also great in a bathroom where a mood lift is just what the doctor ordered at the end of a long day!

Regardless of which color you go with, consider your choice carefully.  Look at your room in its entirety before painting and take into consideration the style of your home, your furniture, and your fabrics before making your room choice.  Take the time to select several paint chips and live with them in your space for some time before making a decision.  Consider the way in which they look in different light and at different times of day.  Once you have found your perfect color, select one a step or two lighter.  After all, slightly paler colors will always be more flexible for pairing with other color choices.