Edina Bathroom Remodel: Project Feature Story

A leaky shower can really hold a bathroom back. Then again, so can outdated tile and unattractive cabinetry. And since every bathroom wants to live up to its full potential (a concept to which homeowners tend to agree) this Edina family decided to give their bathroom a fresh start (and let us at Excel Builders in on the journey!). We know you’ll be happy to hear that the result is stunning and spacious — not to mention completely leak-free.
The Project: This 1980s Edina two-story was ready for an update. The homeowners wanted a remodeled bathroom that gave them additional space and was more functional all around. In addition to the leaky shower, which was unusable, the décor was outdated and the undermount whirpool tub with a tile deck was simply too large for the room. The toilet also sat too close to the original shower and the whole room felt cramped.
The Process: Over the timeline of ten weeks we were able to do a complete remodel on this bathroom. We started with a clear design plan, listening carefully to the client’s input, that included making the shower larger and installing a freestanding tub. Our designer worked with the homeowners each step of the way and helped them select the items needed for the new bathroom, including beautiful and practical cabinetry, crisp silver toned faucets and cabinet handles, and neutral tile with a touch of a fleur-de-lis pattern.
The Results: Gorgeous! This bathroom now has a fresh look all around, and we accomplished the homeowners’ goals. The shower is usable as well as attractive, there is more floor space, and though the room is the same square footage as it was originally, the whole bathroom seems larger and more open. The feel of the room is sleek and serene.
Looking to remodel your bathroom? Don’t hesitate to connect with us here at Excel Builders to begin a design plan that will help your bathroom live up to its full potential!