What is RedGard and why should I use it in my Home Remodel?

Excess moisture or water leakage in a shower, bathtub, or any area of your home where water is present can cause some pretty big problems.  From avoiding leaks to preventing mildew, putting an effective barrier between your surface and tile installation is crucial.  A popular product for use during this remodeling or building step is RedGard.®
is a ready-to-use membrane for both commercial and residential tile and stone application (think shower tiles, spas, floor tiles, etc). Usable in interior or exterior projects, RedGard creates a continuous waterproofing barrier with outstanding adhesion and reduces cracks in tile and stone floors. RedGard starts as a bright pink thick liquid (think yogurt meets pepto bismol) and can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. It then turns red once it’s dry, within 24 hours.
Benefits of RedGard:
In order to avoid leaking in the shower or tile area, as well as possible mold and mildew contamination, it is very important that you follow the instructions carefully. If you’re using a remodeling professional, make sure they are experienced in proper use of the product, ensuring that the RedGard is applied correctly and will have the long term benefits it promises.
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