Hot Kitchen Trends of 2011

According to a survey by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) on suggests there will be some changes in the direction that kitchen and bath styles will take in 2011. Taking a closer look at these new kitchen styles may pull some inspiration for your kitchen.
Shaking it up
Adding Shaker style cabinets to your kitchen this year could really shake things up. Shaker cabinets gained popularity between 2009 and 2010. This clean-lined cabinet brings a Traditional warmth to the room while maintaining supplanted Contemporary feel. While contemporary kitchens fell 48 percent, the Shaker style increased to 55 percent in the survey.
Cherry vs. Maple
It is common to see cherry cabinets in newer kitchens. However, the survey reveals that the use of maple in remodels and newer construction has rose to 76 percent compared to cherry, which is at 71 percent. Move over cherry…maple is coming in.
The Darker Side
Bright and airy kitchens are so 2010. This year kitchens are taking a walk on the darker side by using more dark natural finishes opposed to medium natural and white painted finishes. Using darker finishes for kitchens rose 9 percent. Using a variety of dark natural woods and stones mixed in with a splash of color could make one appetizing kitchen.
Wine and Dine
Move over wine refrigerators, built in wine storage is on the rise this year in kitchens of 2011. Having a place to store unchilled wine is growing in popularity. “While only 39% of surveyed designers incorporated wine storage areas into their kitchens at the end of 2009, just over half—51%—did so as 2010 came to a close,” according to the HGTVPro article.
Feeling Gray?
The fear of color use in the kitchen throughout the past decade has been a common design norm. Using grays and beiges in the kitchen grew significantly this year. The colors used the least by designers by more than 20 percent were bronzes and terracottas.