How to Complete the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

We have a had a very busy year! The remodeling trend is continuing to climb, and we are not anticipating a slowdown in sight! So how do you complete the perfect kitchen remodel?

This week we started a kitchen remodel in Chaska, and we have a new kitchen remodel starting next week in Minneapolis. A few weeks ago, we completed a kitchen in Minnetonka.

All three of these clients have one thing in common, they wanted the picture-perfect kitchen when their remodel was complete.

Let’s start with the planning!

Start with your overall objective. How extensive of a remodel would you like to do to your home? Referring to our recent projects, the scope of work varied from client to client.

In all three remodels there was a vast difference in the scope of work. All three of our clients had a different objective, and a different proposal.

Once the objective is defined, it is time to start designing your remodel. Your interior designer should be able to work with you and your budget. In the design phase of your remodel, your designer will start by selecting your fixtures and materials that will be part of your remodel.

Usually the biggest purchase that is made for a kitchen remodel is cabinetry. Cabinetry for a kitchen remodel will come in two options, custom and semi-custom.

Custom cabinetry will give you all the options you want down to the smallest details, size, design, layout, and functionality. However, custom will come with a higher cost.

Semi-Custom cabinets will can be more budget friendly. I want to stress more budget friendly. You will have less options with semi-custom. Sizes are in increments, usually three inches. Design will have limited options available, and the more upgrades you make to semi-custom the more the cost increase.

There is so much more that will go into your kitchen remodel to make it a successful remodel. As a design and build company Excel Builders has the experience to know your remodel is a process from beginning to end.

If you are planning or even thinking about completing a remodel in your MN home give Excel Builders a call at 612.524.5804.