Importance Of An In-Home Remodel Consultation

Why is an In-Home Consultation Important?

In the last of couple of weeks, we have discussed the importance of a phone consultation and having goals for the in-home consultation. This week we are going to discuss two in-home consultations we had last week and why they were very productive.

The first consultation we had was in Edina, MN and was for a kitchen remodel. Before we met with the homeowners, we had a phone consultation discussing our process, goals, timeline, and etc.

When we met with the owners, we started out by taking a few minutes to review our process, answer any questions they had about Excel Builders, which then lead into them telling us their story. We like to know the size of the family, their needs and wants, and how they function in their home in its current layout.

Discussing Space Requirements

Then we moved on to reviewing the space, and home, discussing their goals and ideas for the kitchen remodel. At this point, we are listening, and hearing what they are envisioning. We are not discussing design ideas, or cost. We are only listening to what they would like to have done to improve the functionality of their home.
From the review of the home, we moved to the final stage of reviewing the walk through and discussing the budget. For this kitchen consultation, the owners wanted a range for the budget, and they expected this based on our previous conversations.
When all of this was completed, the potential clients were left with good information, and the knowledge to help them decide who they would like to hire for their project.
The second consultation in Minneapolis was a great success. This was for a whole home remodel. This remodel would include a kitchen remodel, 3 bathroom remodels, paint and flooring throughout. In both examples the owners were attentive from the beginning, and were aware of our process, and had their goals set out with a plan to accomplish a successful remodel.

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