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Initial Remodeling Phone Consultation

Why a phone consultation is needed before an in-home consultation?

Earlier this week, we met with a couple for a kitchen remodel. At this consultation, we reviewed the space and talked about their goals for the remodel. Then it came time to talk about the budget.MN Kitchen Remodel Consultation

The potential client’s idea of budget for the remodel was about ¼ of the what the budget should be. I explained this in calm and collected manner. However, it was not received this way, the homeowner's frustrations were rising.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss our initial process at Excel Builders. It starts with you contacting us, this can be through a phone call, or contact from on our web site. How you contact us does not matter, our first step is to talk on the phone.

During this call we will discuss the following; the age of your home, how long have you been there, and why do you want to complete the remodel. On this phone call we will also need to discuss your investment, also known as budget.

Now, on the phone call when I was discussing the project with the homeowner, since he was the one that contacted us, he was not surprised by the budget. However, at the consultation it was a different story. The Mrs. had a different idea for the budget.

MN Bathroom Remodel ConsultationTime to get to the point. Our consultations are conducted during business hours, first consultation starts at 8:00 A.M., and the last starts at 3:30 P.M. Yes, in most cases this requires you to take time off work to attend, and yes, ALL decision makers need to present.

Back to the phone call, this is the time to be open, and patient to talk things through and make sure that an in-home consultation will be productive. To make this phone call productive it is equally important that your remodel is discussed, researched, and have a game plan before the phone call.

In the end the Mrs. was frustrated that she had to take time off of work to meet and thought we should have met with them in the evening. Why, I asked?

Completing a remodel is an important process, and a lot of pieces are needed to be put into place to make it a successful remodel. Our clients and perspective clients have just as much of a responsibility to be open and transparent that we do.

It is important that all decision makers are part of the process from who to contact, to there goals, and so on. Our process is the same for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, all the way to an addition.

If you are ready to start a remodel with a MN company that leaves the headaches behind, look no further. Give us a call at, 612.524.5804.

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