Scope Of Work And Your Remodeling Budget

How does scope of work affect your remodeling budget?

When planning a remodel, whether a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, finishing a basement, or even completing an addition, the process for pricing is the same. All remodeling projects should start with the scope of work. In this blog, I am going to reference past projects to discuss the scope of work.

Recently we completed a Minneapolis kitchen remodel. Our client’s main goal was to open up their kitchen. The end goal was to provide a peninsula in the kitchen, have a table into the dining room, and make the kitchen larger and more open.

To do this, we removed a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Now, removing the wall it did have an effect on the budget.

Below is a list if items that were affected by removing the wall.
These are just a few of the items that increased the budget by removing the wall. To add another example for this Minneapolis Kitchen remodel, our clients also have more countertop space to improve the functionality of their kitchen. To accomplish this we removed the door leading to the basement and placed it at the end of the steps.
In the end we accomplished their goal. However, moving this doorway had the same items affected as above. These items were discussed with our clients at the initial consultation when discussing their goals, and budget.

When working with our clients for a kitchen remodel we like to start with their goals for the new space. Then take these goals and talk about the needed investment to meet these goals. At this point, the needed investment can be looked at as an overall range.

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