Kitchen Lighting Styles

Attract friends and family around your dinner table with the right selection in kitchen lighting styles. With countless style and pricing options, ranging from pendant to under-cabinet to recessed and LED, you can illuminate your kitchen to accent the most important aspects of its design. Picking out lighting for this room isn’t always easy and is often overlooked; first, you have to decide what exactly the most valuable functions of your kitchen are. After that, we’ll help you go through the options of selecting specific fixtures and styles as together we decide the most effective and efficient option for you and your family.

Recessed Lighting

hanging pendant lighting
The most popular form of lighting in kitchens, and our specialty, is recessed lighting which has a sleek, minimalist appearance without sacrificing illumination strength. This form of lighting is ideal for open floor areas, stove tops, counter tops and shelves, and maintains a clean look. By offering these in different sizes from four to six inches and styles such as the popular LED, our recessed lighting can fit into any room, big or small to set the mood and accent great features in your kitchen.

Chandelier & Pendant Lighting

With a variety of applications and numerous style options, kitchen chandelier and pendant lighting will add class, style and sophistication to any kitchen. Add functionality and form to this room for general, task and even accent lighting. Chandelier and pendant lights are a great way to add personality to your kitchen and will command the attention of every guest that visits your home.
kitchen lighting styles

Ceiling Fixtures

kitchen lighting fixture
Another type of lighting that offers variety are ceiling fixtures which provide general lighting and usually hang in the center of the room, over a kitchen table or in a nook. There are two types of fixtures to choose from. With flush-mount fixtures, the glass or rim directly touches the ceiling for a clean look. With a semi-flush mount, the fixture bowl is slightly detached so you receive indirect light bouncing off the ceiling. These lights are very practical with an understated style that is sure to bring light to any area in your kitchen.

Under-Counter Lighting

Typically, under-cabinet lighting is added to produce task lighting on a countertop or work surface. There are three types of under-cabinet lighting in the forms of incandescent, fluorescent and LED, which will dictate the style and illumination of these areas in your kitchen. These lights are great for cooking, reading recipes, nightlights, or highlighting countertop decorations.
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