Kitchen Remodeling and Proposals

Have you been thinking of remodeling your kitchen, but afraid of those free estimates? Let’s start with how our proposal process works. Excel Builders is a design-build company located in the south west metro of Minneapolis. We complete kitchen remodels of all sizes and budgets. The average full kitchen remodel can range from $40,000 to $200,000. Since we work with such a large range of budgets, our attention is focused on the process of design, bid, and then build.
When completing a design for our clients we first establish a budget for the cost of the remodel.  After the budget range is determined, we then move onto the design phase. After the design is complete, we provide a detailed proposal. Our proposals have a cover page itemizing the cost into 32 categories.  The cost for each construction category is applied to 1 of 4 columns, actual, approximate, allowance, and not applicable, and each category will have a total. After our preliminary proposal, we will discuss revisions, additions, or subtractions to the design and the proposal. If and when the revisions are made, we will then come back to the table with the revised proposal. It will be at that time; you will see a previous total column will have cost as well.  With the total cost column and previous total column, you can track cost changes with the revisions.
Along with the general breakdown for the proposal, we will also provide you with a scope of work with details of the construction categories.  This will associate the cost with what work is going to be completed.  In this detailed section we also breakout allowance item amounts.
Because of the detail in our proposals, we are unable to give a written proposal until the design is complete. The design is what puts the “proof in the pudding”. Along with this detail, we are able to provide a price guarantee for our work.  In most case without a design, you will be given a verbal “ballpark” estimate only.
We know that completing a kitchen remodel is a big investment. When planned properly, you will have peace of mind that your investment is in good hands with Excel Builders.  Give Excel Builders a call to get your design retainer signed and get your kitchen remodel started!