Kitchen Sink Convenience: Adding a Second Kitchen Space in Your Home | Minneapolis Kitchen-Basement-Home Remodeler

The kitchen is a gravitating room. People tend to gather near food and drinks, friends and family. Which is why adding a second kitchen space to your home can be a welcoming addition — and might be just the step-up your home needs!
kitchen countertop & sink
This additional kitchen space is often best suited for the lower level near your family room or entertaining area. Usually featuring a single wall of cabinets and countertop along with a fridge, sink, and sometimes a detached kitchen island, this second kitchen should reflect the same style and quality as the rest of your home, giving it even more beauty and value.
Such a guest kitchen, also known as a basement bar or kitchenette, can have multiple different uses. Here are a few great reasons to include a second kitchen space in your home:
Get inspired! Check out the fabulous examples of kitchenette spaces from houzz here.
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