Minneapolis Home Gains a New Upper Level and Finished Basement

The goal of this Minneapolis remodel was to add more space to our client’s home that was built in 1949.  The homeowners accomplished this by adding on to their upper level and finishing the basement.
Upper Level Addition
The homeowner’s one and a half story home had an upper level that was completed many years ago.  The upper level only had one supply run for heat and air conditioning, a closet, and an open area for a bed.  The owners wanted to have the upper level finished with a master bathroom, a walk-in closet, a sitting area, and an open area for the bed.
To make this idea a reality, we designed a shed dormer along the back of the home and then a gable dormer close to the middle of the home.  The addition of the gable dormer was needed to add headroom for the bathroom and curb appeal to the outside of the home.
Master Bathroom
The master bathroom features a 3 x 4 foot tiled shower, tiled floor, a vanity, and a linen closet.  It is a comfortable sized bathroom.  It provides the homeowners enough room without overtaking the rest of the master suite.
We included a spacious sitting area in the master suite, and an area large enough to comfortably accommodate a king sized bed along with dressers.  We installed wood flooring in the sitting area of the master suite, and new carpeting throughout the rest of the bedroom area.
Finished Basement
The basement was finished complete with a game and entertainment area, along with a dry bar.  We also finished the basement by adding a laundry room, and framing for a future bathroom.  Framing the future bathroom now will allow for an easier and less expensive remodeling project in the future.  Lastly, we added new carpeting throughout the basement to complete the project.