Bye Bye Bathroom Blues!

Ask the average homeowner what their favorite room in the house is and you’ll most likely get a variety of answers; bedroom, family room, or kitchen. But ask them again what the most essential room in the house is, and almost everybody will say the same thing…
The bathroom!
Sure, kitchen remodels can disrupt life quite a bit, but it’s nothing that some healthy takeout and an extra freezer can’t handle.  Take away the bathroom, and you’ve got some unhappy campers on your hands.  No matter what the circumstance, nobody likes the inconvenience caused by an extensive bathroom remodel.
It’s messy, it’s complicated, and it’s just one of those private spaces that you kind of like to keep to yourself as much as possible. In the end, a beautiful bathroom is always worth the discomfort it took to get there.  Any remodel adds an element of inconvenience, but there is no reason why it has to completely disrupt your life.  Here are a few things to think about when preparing for a remodel.
Additional Bathroom
If you’ve been planning to add an additional bathroom to your home in the future, consider embracing the phrase “the future is now.”  Adding a bathroom before you take on renovations of the first bathroom will make the entire process much easier and will definitely be worth the change in schedule.
Back-up Plan

Most of the time, a perfectly executed construction schedule can make it possible for you to get around the need for a second toilet or sink.  However, it is always a good idea to have a back-up plan.  Renting a portable toilet is a good option.  If a portable toilet is not an option, make sure you have a friend or family member nearby that you can stay with if the unexpected occurs.

Proper Preparation

This may seem obvious, but many people overlook just how important it is to properly plan for the remodeling project before you begin any construction.  Make sure to obtain builing permits before you begin your project.  Much better to have building permits in order beforehand than cause a delay in work.  I also strongly encourage you to meet with your contractor shortly before construction begins to discuss the schedule together.  This helps to ensure everyone is on the same schedule and avoid possible delays.  Don’t start your project until everybody is on board with a solid design plan and a strict schedule.  Of course there’s no way to guarantee a completely hitch-free remodel, but there’s no reason not to do everything you can to get as close to one as possible.