Planning & Designing Your Home Deck

Are you in need of a new deck? If so, there are a couple ways to approach having a new one built! At Excel Builders we believe a new deck should start with proper design and planning. Our design process allows homeowners to see all of their options, including the costs, allowing them to make an educated decision about their purchase.
The images used in this week’s blog were taken from our deck design software.  For example, the deck below is designed with Timber Tech Railings and Timber Tech Decking.  Timber Tech Decking and railings is one of the many options that you will have when choosing a new deck.  Other decking options include Trex, cedar, or pressure-treated lumber to name a few
As we’ve discussed in previous posts, there are pros and cons for any decking material that you may choose.  With that in mind, be sure to do your research, read up on each of the options available and decide on what decking and railing material will best fit the needs of you and your family