Kitchen Countertop Material Options

Countertops can greatly impact the design and appearance of your kitchen.  As such, the decision regarding what kind of countertops your home will feature is an important one both aesthetically and functionally.  Today, we would like to discuss a few of the countertop options available on the market.  When we are designing or renovating kitchens, we encourage clients to consider one of the following choices:
Cambria Countertops: Cambria countertops are our number one selling countertop.  Cambria surfaces are durable and stronger than granite. They are also a safe kitchen option – Cambria countertops are NSF 51 certified for both food and splash zones and are nonporous, reducing the potential for bacterial growth and making them as safe as stainless steel for food preparation.  In addition, they offer great design variety.  Cambria countertops are available in more than 100 designs. Color options range from calm neutrals to bright modern styles, creating enough variety for any aesthetic.
Granite Countertops: Another great option would be granite countertops.  Like Cambria, granite countertops are extremely durable.  They can withstand great heat (including the accidental placement of hot pots or pans) and, when properly sealed, are also stain resistant and easily cleaned.  Granite also offers a naturally beautiful option.  Because granite is a natural product, each slab is unique in color pattern and texture.
Laminate: Laminate countertops offer a great and affordable alternative to Cambria or granite.  While not ideal for a kitchen upgrade, they are a great fit for the home improvement project on a budget.  Laminate countertops also offer the greatest level of versatility in product design – options include finishes ranging from faux-stone to wood grain and glossy to matte, each offering a variety of pattern and color options.  However, it is important to note that this option will not hold up as well over time as the alternatives.
Ready to pick out new countertops for your kitchen?  Contact us today to incorporate this important decision into your kitchen design!