Product Spotlight: Marvin Windows

Spring is a great time to consider replacing your windows! If this project is on your spring honey-do list, we would like to take a moment to share a little more about one of our favorite brands – Marvin Windows and Doors. Marvin has two main window product brand lines – Marvin and Integ­rity. The Marvin brand offers the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles and options. Comparatively, the Integrity brand is fo­cused on fiberglass windows, offering two distinct product lines. But what makes Marvin Windows truly superior to their competitors is their product construction – and whether you choose Marvin or Integrity, you get the same high-quality construction!
Marvin Brand Line Marvin windows start with an extruded exterior alu­minum cladding. Already, with this one distinction, Marvin has set them­selves apart. Extruded aluminum is preferred over rolled aluminum as it is thicker, more durable, and less prone to denting. Marvin’s extruded aluminum cladding offers strength and durability that roll-form and vinyl clad windows can’t match. The difference in strength is like comparing the thickness of an industrial chair to an inexpensive lawn chair.
During manufacturing, a chemical bond is created between the extruded aluminum and the paint finish to resist chalking and fading. Before the finish is applied, Marvin’s aluminum cladding goes through a five-step pre-treatment process to ensure the finish adheres smoothly. Marvin’s clad extrusions are formed first and then painted. Marvin clad products will retain color and gloss for years to come.
Integrity Brand Line – Integrity windows have two styles – All Ultrex and Wood Ultrex.  The former, All Ultrex, is constructed of 100% fiber­glass. This fiberglass construction outperforms vinyl, aluminum and composite materials. Alternately, Wood Ultrex windows combine an authentic wood interior with a fiberglass exterior. The Wood-Ultrex combines the unmatched performance of an Ultrex fiberglass exterior to pro­tect against the elements with the traditional look of a hand­crafted wood interior.  Fiberglass will not expand like vinyl. As the temperature fluctuates the window expands and contracts at the same amount as the glass, maintaining a tight seal.  The exterior finish of the Ultrex windows has an impermeable factory finish applied that is three times thicker than other brands.
In the end, whether you are buying a Marvin window or an Integrity window, you are making an investment that will last for many years to come, which is why we recommend Marvin Windows for our clients, families, and friends.  In our next post, we’ll be covering another one of our favorite products for you to consider in your next home improvement project!