Selecting The Best Shingle For Your Home

In our last post we discussed the best way to find your roof’s pitch. Once you have that information, you will likely want to apply it to an appropriate home improvement project, such as re-roofing! Of course, before you can roof you will need to determine what type of shingle is best for your home. To do so, you will need to consider type, material, and quality.
Shingles come in the following two main forms:
3-Tab Shingle: Once the standard for home roofing projects, 3-tab shingles are now less common in the roofing market.  A 3-tab shingle is a completely flat shingle.
Architectural Shingle: Architectural shingles – sometimes also referred as dimensional, laminated, or composite shingles – consist of two pieces of shingle laminated together to add a 3 dimensional look.  As a result, architectural shingles are typically approximately three times as heavy as 3-tab shingles.  In recent years, architectural shingles have become the standard for most residential roofing.  While architectural shingles tend to be more costly than their 3-tab counterparts, this cost is often at least partially offset in lower installation fees.

Material: Asphalt shingles account for seventy-five percent of all residential roofing shingles.  However, asphalt shingles are available in both organic and fiberglass varieties.  Check out our take on organic versus fiberglass shingles here before making your own decision.

Not all shingles are created equal.  Consider the following criteria when making shingle selections:
Warranty: While warranty length is important (look for a minimum length of 20 – 40 years), what exactly is covered in your warranty is equally important.  Warranty coverage should include defects such as granule loss, blisters, curling, and seal failure.
Fire Rating: The shingles that you decide on should have a Class A or Class C fire rating as well as an Under Writers laboratory (UL) fire rating.

Keep in mind that roofing installation is just as important as the shingles themselves.  Be sure to hire a qualified contractor, such as Excel Builders to handle your installation.  Happy roofing!