Remodel – Estimate vs. Proposal Differences

Find out the Differences Between a Remodeling Estimate & Proposal

In the first series of this blog we discussed the frustrations a perspective client had with their remodeling experience of trying to find a remodeling company to work with. In this blog, we are going to discuss the difference between a proposal and an estimate.
So, down to the difference between and estimate and a proposal.

What is a Remodeling Estimate?

An estimate is just that, an estimate, or better yet, a guess. Some want an accurate estimate or believe they should be able get an accurate estimate. Although, it is not impossible to get an accurate estimate, it is difficult, and in most cases, estimates are not really free. It usually starts with a phone call from a perspective client asking for somebody to come out and look at their space to determine a cost.
There are two problems with this. First, someone will come out to your home look around and tell you they will send over a proposal. Most likely, this will be a very generic proposal without a lot of thought, and who knows how long you may have to wait for the estimate.
Second, a company might take measurements, give a more detailed estimate for you to review. In most cases, companies like this charge clients that work with them a fee to make up for the time that they spent completing estimates for others that have not chosen them. In the end, this is not really a free estimate.

What is a Remodeling Proposal?

A proposal is a very in-depth estimate, that is usually accompanied with a design presentation at the same time. How do you get an accurate cost for your kitchen, basement or bathroom remodeling project without a design? A design allows a builder and a designer to come together and work as a team to complete a design for a budget (to be discussed in the future).
Getting a proposal usually does require a cost upfront to complete the design. Fees are usually determined by a percent of the projected project cost. This should be looked at as an investment for the success of your remodeling project, not a cost. This can be commonly referred as design and build.

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