What is an Estimate versus a Proposal

You may be wondering what the difference is between a home remodeling estimate and a proposal?
In the series of blogs to follow, we are going to talk about the difference between a home remodeling estimate and a proposal. We will discuss how the two can be a benefit or be hindrance for your remodeling efforts. We will also be discussing why you might choose to go with an estimate versus a proposal.
Before we begin we are going to start with a recent consultation we had with a prospective client for a kitchen remodel.
Excel Builders received a phone call from this prospective client that they would like to meet and discuss a kitchen remodel. Our designer had started out asking some basic questions over the phone about the remodel. These questions are important to make sure we are or would be a good fit.
Some of the questions we asked;
– Name
– Address
– Time in the home
– Age of home
– Brief description of what we’re thinking about in their remodel
– Budget (this is another blog)
The perspective clients were happy that we were asking the questions. From their viewpoint, they were thinking that we were being serious about who we choose to work with, not just going around town throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.
During the phone call, it was determined that it would be worthwhile to set up a meeting with them for in home consultation. Now, I will admit, this is not always the case. In some cases, the perspective client does not want to answer any questions, they just want an in-home meeting. Other times, it is determined during the phone call that maybe it is a smaller job and an in-home consultation is not needed.
When we met with this prospective client, we were talking about where they were at in terms of finding a company to work with, who have they met with, and was there any questions we could answer with the process thus far, before we get started with our meeting.
This husband and wife team told us how frustrated they were in the process. They had gotten some free estimates and pricing from these estimates were not even close to being similar. They could not understand why all of the board, so they decided to take a different approach and see what would be the difference. The different approach was a design – build company.
This is common when we meet with prospective clients. It is not easy to find a remodeling company to work with. The problem arises from the different ways companies approach doing business, Design and Build, or free estimates. From these two categories, it can be broken down into thousands of other ways to conduct business.
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