Remodeling and Free Proposals

In the past few weeks we have been getting quite a few phone calls from potential clients requesting free remodeling bids or estimates. That being said, nowhere on our website does it say we give free estimates, bids or proposals. So, what do we do?
We have decided that it is not in our best interest to run around town and look at numerous homes/projects a week, sit down and invest the time to put together a proposal, and then email the proposal out.
This is not going to happen, and here is why…
The number one reason to draw this hard line is usually the potential client needs to be educated about what goes into remodeling. Getting free bids is most likely not giving you a solution to get a remodel completed in the way you may think.

We had a person that called in and wanted to know if we wanted to bid out some basement work that was needed. They informed us that they had two other bids and wanted to get a third bid. Trying to be open minded, I said I could give them a bid if they shared the two proposals with me. Not necessarily the cost, but the scope of work. If they share the scope of work only, they had to be willing to share their budget as well.

Being serious, how do we find the time to complete proposals not knowing if the budget is realistic? Most of our week is already filled with taking care of paying customers, and all of those customers started with design before we determined the final scope of work and cost for the construction.

To take this further, if you are asking a remolding company for a free estimate, be open, be honest, and be prepared and available during business hours. This does include all other decision makers, they must be available, prepared and in agreement as well.
Being open, what is your budget? What is your hiring criteria? How many companies are you meeting with? Who are the other companies, and why are they different?
Being honest. Just that. No BS.
Being prepared and having a detailed scope of work with measurements. Having schedules for your selections. Yes, this does require work on your end. In the end, this work will pay dividends.
Now that we got all of that out of the way. Well, we still are not ready to start giving free estimates, time is not permitting. However, we understand if you are not ready for a design. Perhaps there is an alternative. What if for 1% of the projected budget you could get a design and a written proposal?
From this proposal you will be more educated. The proposal will only be presented in person. This will give us the time to explain the finer things. Once you accept the proposal we apply the 1% towards the project
Our goal at Excel Builders is to give you honest, up front, exceptional design and remodeling experience. Give us a call at 612.524.5804. We service the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Twin Cities and surrounding metro area.