The Truth Behind Remodeling Project Bids

Homeowners will often call a remodeling company and request a bid for a specific project over the phone. It should be that simple to throw out a general ballpark bid, right? Wrong. At least, this is not the process any reputable remodeling contractor will follow.
Before a contractor will provide an accurate bid, he needs to know the following:

Know What You Want Before You Call

If have not yet worked with a designer to redesign your space, you should consider doing so before you hire a contractor. You can work with a design-build company such as Excel, or you can work with an independent designer. Either way, having this design in place is a necessary first step to obtaining an accurate bid for the actual remodeling project.
If you do not want to seek out a designer, you will need to do a fair amount of legwork on your own to gather all the information a remodeling contractor will need to provide you with a full and accurate estimate for your project. This includes making sure that you:
You will want all of this information, along with your preferred timeline and your actual budget for the project, in hand before you pick up the phone to request your estimate.

Do Your Homework in Advance

In the age of the Internet, you can research potential remodeling contractors via websites and social sites. Perform this research before you pick up the phone. It allows you to capture the general essence of who your potential contractors are long before you talk, which can help you quickly assess which characteristics and traits matter most to you.

What Are Your Questions About the Bidding Process?

We hope the above helps you understand that there is much more to the remodel bidding process than meets the eye. If you have questions about this process, we encourage you to leave your question in the comments section below or to reach out to us directly at 952-361-8664. You can also send our Minneapolis remodelers an email.