Things Are Looking Up! — Stunning Ceiling Design

Today we’re excited to again feature a guest blog by our partner designer, Jessica Cook.  Here Jessica shares her thoughts on the well designed ceiling…
I am a big fan of the unexpected.  Whether it be an ordinary object used in an unexpected way, or an outlandish object used in a traditional way, I’m not too picky.  One area of design that can have a huge impact, but is all too often overlooked, is the ceiling.  Good design never neglects the floor upon which we walk; why then do we let the ceiling go without any consideration?  This is a huge missed opportunity, as the following pictures illustrate.  When you utilize every plane in a room, the results can be stunning.
Circular Ceiling
Varying ceiling height and shape continue the circular theme showcased throughout.
Recessed Ceiling
Recesses define areas in an open concept room.
Blue Painted Ceiling

A painted ceiling adds an exciting punch of color!

Beamed Ceiling
The unusual beam layout adds visual interest and texture to the otherwise simplistic room.
Groin Vault Ceilings
An unassuming hallway becomes a thing of beauty with groin vault ceilings.
Thank you Jessica for those amazing examples of well designed ceilings.  If you’re interested in home design help from Jessica or home remodeling assistance from us here at Excel Builders, please contact us!