Tips on Choosing Bathroom Tile – Part 1 of 2 | Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeler

Tile is a popular material used in bathrooms.  It’s durable, easy to clean, and available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures.
Bathrooms are well-used rooms in every home, and also lend themselves to a good amount of moisture, making the tile selected for this room distinct from others in your home. We’re bringing you this two part series on bathroom tile to walk you through the process of preparation all the way to design. Here’s to making your tile selection and remodeling project just a little bit easier!
1. Be Prepared:
If you are remodeling your bathroom, take pictures of it before you venture out to home stores to select bathroom tile.  Photos will help design associates understand the size and scale of your bathroom remodel project.
Also, take the time to measure the space you’ll need your tile for before shopping.  When you find a tile you like, you can then confirm they have enough in stock, rather than be disappointed later when you realize your space is bigger than the amount of tile available.
2. Know Your Options:
Some common types of tile used in bathrooms include: ceramic tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, porcelain tile, and natural stone tile.  Spend some time researching the differences or ask about the pros and cons for your specific job when you meet with your contractor or tile associates.
Glazed ceramic tile is often used in bathrooms because it is water resistant and less expensive than other tile. Ceramic tile is less difficult to install and repair since it can be cut out.  Natural stone is also a beautiful and popular choice for bathrooms, but is sometimes less moisture-resistant, so be sure to ask about this; some types of tile may need a sealant to be used in a bathroom or shower/bath area.  For visual inspiration on using stone and natural tiles click here or peak at these photos and details to learn more about other types of bathroom tile.
3. Consider Your Budget:
Are you prepared to splurge to get what you want or is budget your bigger priority?
The prices of tiles can vary drastically (from $2-$30/per square foot), but so can the look and quality.  You may want to splurge on a beautiful accent tile, then use it in a smaller space.  Or maybe your stone shower is the masterpiece of the room, but your wall tiles are a more basic and affordable accent.
Come back next week to understand more about selecting tile specific to each area of the bathroom as well as lots of fun and practical bathroom tile design tips!
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