Why Do I Need A Designer? (Part One In A Three Part Series)

It is a Gift to Yourself

Great spaces do not happen by accident! Designers have a gift for putting together rooms in a way that is pleasing to the eye, as well as functional.  Many people struggle with this.  It seems so easy, but still they cannot make it happen. Designers have extensive training and constant exposure to the latest trends. A designer can help you get more use of out of your space by designing a space that is functional and useable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

When we look at and plan a space, we base it on the principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony.  We also pay close attention to the elements of design: space, line, shape and mass, texture, light, color, and pattern. For a room to come together well, all these principles should be considered.

Fresh Ideas & Perspective / Provide Solutions

Are you ready to transform an existing space in your home?  Any design is only as good as its execution.  Each project, small or large, presents challenges – whether it is a lack of storage space, poor traffic flow, color scheme, unusual windows or poor lighting layout.  Sometimes it does not matter how talented you are and how good your taste is, when you live in a home for a while, you can lose the ability to have an objective perspective.  Bringing in a designer can give you a new and fresh perspective!

Set Priorities & Provide Guidance

Feeling overwhelmed? A designer knows sources well enough to edit the options and offer seasoned advice to guide clients through the abundance of choices to make.  There are so many choices and too many options.  A designer can help determine which products will work well in your home and help to narrow down the abundant list of options.  In addition, designers can provide you convenience and save you time by bringing the ‘store’ to you.

Working Through Opposing Taste

Designers can be the ‘third party’ to join taste and style between husband and wife or a significant other.  Some couples have differences of opinions and tastes when it comes to something as simple as selecting a paint color – imagine the complications that arise when redoing a whole room or renovating a home!  Hiring a designer can help you both find compromise by offering an outside perspective and recommending materials that you will both love!

Liaison / Advocate

Is your contractor asking you many questions?  Remodeling projects and home renovations can involve a lot of different processes and many trades people working on the same space. Designers work with the trades people daily and can make sure to take care of all the details.  Designers have experience and can act on your behalf to oversee the project by attending on-site meetings to keep work proceeding according to schedule and, most importantly, correctly.

Design is More Affordable Than You Think

Are you worried that the design fees on your project will get out of control?

Communication is key – designers need to work within stated budgets all the time!  We can consult on an entire project or just parts and pieces of a project.  Hiring a designer is a smart way to go at any budget and you are much less likely to make costly mistakes.