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Benefits of Adding Step Warm Heated Floors

Benefits of In-Floor Heat

Step Warmfloor in-floor heat is a great addition to any remodeling project. When selecting an in-floor heating product you will be faced with many options. At Excel Builders, we recommend Step Warmfloor for our clients.

For some, the thought of heated floors is something of dream homes that they cannot afford. However, the reality is that Step Warmfloor heated floor systems have been around for a long time and are very cost effective. It not only provides your home with extra warmth, but is compatible with many different flooring materials such as, tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate and even concrete.Step WarmFloor In Floor Heat

What is Step Warmfloor and how does it work?

Step Warmfloor is an electric radiant heating system with a patented flat heating element. It is suitable for simply warming a floor or for heating an entire room.
Step Warmfloor heated flooring system heats the floor so that on a cold winter's day you are not stepping onto a cold floor. Yes, you could get your slippers on, but you may have to put your feet on the cold floor still to put the slippers on. Wouldn't it just be nice just to get out of bed without worrying where your slippers are?

Step Warmfloor is a thin, strong, plastic mat. This mat heats everything that it touches and it also radiates through the floor. A good example of this has you ever walked outside on a beautiful summer day, and you step on the concrete how beautiful and warm it is well it's like that

Here are just a few of the perks of installing a Step Warmfloor heated flooring system in your home:

➢ Using Step Warmfloor radiant heating elements eliminates the need for a forced air furnace, which blows dust and particles around.
➢ A heated tile floor means no more cold feet when you get out of the shower. Even if you don't have a rug or a towel down, you can step onto a warm floor and get all the comforts that you deserve in your home.
➢ When you have heated floors, you may never have to worry about wearing socks to keep warm. Your feet will always be nice and toasty when the floors are. Forget slippers and socks because now you can run around barefoot in June or January without a care.
➢ Warm heated floors is energy efficient and can help you cut utility costs. When you have heated floors, you will spend less on your forced air or electric heat for the rooms in your home. The heat from the floor will keep things at a more even temperature and help maintain the balance. That means you can spend less on your utility bills with a heated tile floor.

A heated floor can give you a lot to appreciate.

These are just a few of the benefits that you should consider in your decision as to whether to invest in something like this. Give us a call today and learn about Step Warmfloor electric radiant floor heating solutions for your home remodeling project!

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