Drawers to Do the Job | Drawer Options

When you dream of remodeling your kitchen (or bathroom or laundry room or home office) you may find yourself imagining the beauty of new cabinets, and perhaps focusing on the enhanced organization they’ll provide! Did you know there are details to your new drawers that will also make your life a little easier?!
Drawers are actually a key component of new cabinetry. Used as often as — if not more than — cabinet doors themselves, drawers provide handy space for easy access to tools, gadgets, cutlery, even dishes, spices, and more.
So what brings out the best in a drawer? We’d like to share some of our favorite features…
Full Extension Drawer | Chaska Remodeler
Dovetail Drawers – LONGEVITY
With corners secured using the interlocking “dovetail” design, dovetail drawers are built for strength and durability. Dovetail joints are a sign of a well-constructed drawer built from solid wood instead of chipboard. And because the “pins” and “tails” of the joint naturally resist being pulled apart, the dovetail joint remains strong over time, making them ideal drawers to withstand heavy, everyday use for years to come.
Full Extension Drawers – MORE SPACE
Do you find yourself digging around in the back of a drawer, thinking you wish you had a flashlight to see the deep recesses, like in a cave?!? Full extension drawers give you total and complete access to the entire contents of your kitchen drawers. Full extension drawers create more useable space, add more storage, and are so practical you’ll wonder why your kitchen was ever without these babies!
Soft Close Drawers – PEACE & QUIET
Whether it’s your kids, your spouse or a guest (making themselves at home!), there are people in your life with a special talent for making tons of noise in the kitchen. And on busy, harried days all those slamming drawers might just put you right over the edge. Soft close drawers to the rescue! No matter how hard you push them, soft close drawers are smooth and quiet. Go ahead! Slam it. All will remain calm.
Dovetail Drawers | Chanhassen Remodeler
Drawer options like these give you hidden bonuses that make the time and effort of a remodel worth it. Whether you’re planning a kitchen overhaul, or just looking to upgrade your cabinets, keep these options in mind to get the most out of your drawers.
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