When To Hire An Interior Designer For Remodeling Project

Excel Builders is a design-build firm located in Chaska, MN.  We have focused our attention on the design-build process to give our clients quality design, superior craftsmanship, and well managed home remodeling projects.
In this next series of blogs, we will be discussing design, and the difference between hiring a design-build company versus hiring a stand-alone architect.
When thinking about a remodeling project or making some changes to your home you need to start with consulting with an interior designer.  A designer not only knows about the latest trends; a designer has keen senses, with great attention to detail and vision. Combined with education, talent, and experience you will find that an interior designer is an asset to your remodeling needs.
The benefits of working with a designer far outweigh the costs. Most interior design services offer different types of service fees. They can range by the hour, a design package or a design for an individual design service.
Hourly rates for an experienced designer can range from $85 to $150 an hour.  Paying by the hour works great if they have a really good grasp on your project needs, such as paint consultations, material selections, and general design advice.
A design package is where you may purchase a block of design time for a specific need, such as drawing plans, making selections, and project guidance.  When buying a group of hours. Hours can typically be purchased in 5 to 10 hour blocks.  When buying a design package, in most cases you will receive an hourly discount.
A larger project or fixed budget may warrant a specific design need. In which most cases you would be required to pay a percentage of the remodeling cost.  Typically, the more a project cost the more design time will be needed.  You can expect to pay between 7% and 12% for design services.
Design services are crucial to every remodeling project, and should be accounted for when determining your project budget. Now, as I always say, budget is what you want to invest in the project!
If you’re ready to start on the journey for your remodeling project give us a call.  Our remodeling projects range from kitchens, bathrooms, basement finishing, whole home remodels, to additions and exteriors.