To Move Or Not To Move?

Is it Time to Move or Remodel?

This week we signed two remodeling contracts. One was for a basement remodel, and the other was for a kitchen remodel.
Next week we a starting another basement remodel which includes adding a bathroom.
Why does this matter? Well the last 2 out of the 3 remodels, the client approached us with the discussion of moving, or staying and remodeling their existing MN home.
So, move or remodel depends entirely on you. In the cases I mentioned above, all of the clients loved their neighborhood, location, and schools, but there home needed much improvement. This might be the case for you.
If your home needs some updating, changing the layout to function better, or even an addition for added space…start with a list of what you like about your home, and how it functions for you and your family.
After you have created a list of what you like about your home, then make a list of what you would like to change in your home. I suggest taking this list and see what is available for sale that meets your needs and wants. Perhaps you might find a home that needs some serious renovations. Remember, the ugliest house on the block can be transformed into the nicest home on the block.

Financing Options for Your Remodeling Project

Don’t worry if you do not have cash on hand to pay for your remodel. Your remodel can be financed with a construction loan and then rolled into an end loan once the remodel is complete. We work with a fantastic team at a local bank that has options for financing your remodeling projects!
Give us a call to start the journey for your remodeling project. We can be reached at 612.524.5804. Excel Builders is a full service residential remodeling company. We primarily service the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Twin Cities Metro area, including: Chaska, Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Edina, and Plymouth Minnesota.