What should I budget for my kitchen remodel?

Last week I wrote about the scope of work and how it can affect your kitchen remodel. This week I would like to dig into a general cost for your remodel. These general costs can also be called quick reference cost.
Quick reference cost is a simple and easy way to get you started in the proper direction on kitchen remodeling cost . The quick reference is only to be used a guide. The scope of work will come into play to determine the final cost of your MN kitchen remodel.
Using the square footage of your kitchen is usually the most common way to get a quick reference. The important factor is the size of your kitchen, and this will determine the cost per square footage.
Also, the shape of your kitchen will factor into the cost. Some kitchens may have more cabinetry, and countertops. Two of your higher price items for a kitchen remodel. Smaller kitchens, usually under 125 square feet tend to have a higher cost per square foot. Squeezing higher price items into a smaller space, less open room.
To get started you will need to know the square footage of your kitchen. Take a measurement from left to right, then front to back. Multiply these two numbers to get your square footage.

Below are a couple of basic square footage cost to get you started.

Under 125 square feet – $220.00 to $300.00 a square foot
Around 175 square feet or greater – $165.00 to $200.00 a square foot
Now, as you know, the scope of work dictates the cost per square foot and will play a major factor in your true remodeling cost. These remodeling cost could be under or over the square footage cost above.

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